To look up a handicap for any monohull racing/cruising sailboat, use this searchable database. The database contains several pieces of information that may be displayed for any boat issued a current 2017 Lake Michigan Performance Handicap Racing Fleet Certificate of Handicap. This database is often updated to reflect handicaps issued to new boats joining the fleet or updates to handicaps that are reissued based upon recent information made available to the LMPHRF Chief Handicapper and the LMPHRF Technical Committee.


The data contained within the accessible Handicap Lookup Table is the private copyrighted property of LMPHRF, Inc. No authority to use this information is granted to any Yacht Club or Sailing Association for the purpose of assigning a handicap to a similar boat desiring to race without an LMPHRF certified handicap. Such activity violates the current World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing, the US Sailing Racing Rules, and the LMPHRF/USPHRF Rules and Associated Regulations. Unauthorized assignment or determination of a PHRF Handicap is a clear violation of United States copyright laws.


What is displayed? Sail Number, Yacht Name, Type/Class, Base Handicap (BHCP), Final Handicap (HCP) as an algebraic sum of adjustments to the BHCP that are comprised of penalties or credits, a Non-spinnaker Handicap (NSHCP), a Distance Handicap (DHCP), a Time-on-Time Scoring Correction Factor (TOTCF), Crew Limit (CL), Maximum Crew Weight (CW) and the date the Certificate of Handicap was issued.

Instructions: To access information contained in this database, enter a search criterion in one of the boxes below. Only one of the four search boxes is required. The information entered for a search may be partial or complete. Use the Submit option to begin the search. Data that matches the entered search criterion will be displayed in a table format for viewing or printing. Use the Reset option to clear a previously entered search criterion and start a new search.


Last Updated: September 5, 2017, 4:29 pm